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When you are ready to embark on an interior or exterior painting project and you need painters, Lynnfield, MA customers are lucky to have access to some of the best professional painters in the northeast at Prusik Painting. Since 1987, our experienced team of full time expert painters have been some of the most trusted professional painters in Eastern Massachusetts and throughout the entire northeast. Pruskik Painting is a full service painting company, so we offer both interior and exterior painting services for both commercial buildings as well as home owners. Our customers include residents of some of greater Boston’s finest neighborhoods, residential and commercial property owners, property management companies, facilities personnel, general contractors, and building owners. We have worked on some of the more historic and iconic buildings in the area, and we are proud to serve every single one of our customers with the highest possible level of care.

Painters Lynnfield, MA Can Trust

It is not easy to have a bunch of people coming and going in and out of your home or office. Whether you are building a new home, remodeling an existing home or office building, or adding onto an existing structure, you know you will need to hire painters. Lynnfield, MA customers can rely on our team to be honest and trustworthy. When you allow painters and other workers into your space, you need to know that they can be trusted to complete the job in a professional manner. At Prusik Painting, we only hire full time painters led by an onsite supervisor, not part time or seasonal workers. What that means is that every job is carefully approached and evaluated for the highest possible quality in workmanship with a supervisor to hold the team accountable. Do not be lured into hiring a painter working side jobs, or an individual who runs his own company and does not hire employees, but instead brings in other individuals that he knows in order to save money. In these situations you run the risk of poor workmanship, or a project that gets started but does not get completed in a reasonable amount of time. Or, worse yet, if these individuals are not insured and get hurt on your property you could find yourself in a costly and time consuming situation. Do not put yourself in any of these positions – hire the professionals at Prusik Painting!

We also use only the best premium products and we can offer these to our customers at affordable rates as a way of providing the most value every time we complete a job. With fair, honest, upfront estimates and scheduling that makes sense, you can count on Prusik Painting to get the job done right every single time. When it comes to painters in Lynnfield, MA, trust our team to be the best you can hope for.

Peace of Mind With Painters Lynnfield, MA

Our team of qualified painters in Lynnfield, MA provide home and business owners with some of the highest quality painting around. From impeccably smooth lines and finishes to color matching that perfectly complements your home, you'll enjoy the work we complete for years to come. Taking on a project that requires painting can be overwhelming because there are so many steps involved. You need to decide on wall and trim color, the type of paint or stain that you want used, the paint finish to use, and the application technique of the paint. One wrong decision can lead you to a place where you have to start over. Subtle changes to any of these choices can shift the feel of the room from sleek and modern to classically traditional. If you need guidance in making your paint color, type, and application selections, let us know and we will help you through the process! By licensing and insuring all of our painters, you can also count on the fact that our team of workers is able to comply with all of the necessary environmental and safety regulations. When we come to a home, office, or other building space, our goal is to ensure your paint job is as easy and efficient for you as possible. We love seeing the looks on our customers' faces when they walk in to their space and see a flawless paint job.

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We know that having to hire painters can be a hassle. It means having to clear out a room – or many rooms - take down and store wall hangings, and then remain out of those spaces for the duration of the project, until the painting is complete and the paint is dry. We do our very best to minimize the disruption to your life that painting can cause. Our painters have been in business since 1987, and during that time Prusik Painting has been providing commercial and residential painting services in Eastern Massachusetts that are unmatched in quality and service. Over 25 years ago, Prusik Painting “broke the mold” of painter stereotypes. We are a team of painter professionals who take tremendous pride in doing an outstanding job and always honoring our commitments to our commercial and residential customers.

We are dedicated to partnering with general contractors, building owners and facility managers who share our core values of paying keen attention to detail and being committed to quality. This commitment to detail and quality has resulted in a strong base of repeat customers and referrals. We offer what our competitors can't, the absolute best in affordable rates, quality craftsmanship, and the customer satisfaction that you deserve.

We hope you remember the name of Prusik Painting the next time you decide to renovate or refresh your space. With a large network of repeat customers and referrals, we feel confident that we'll also become your number one choice for professional painting. See the difference a professional paint job can do for you. To get in touch with our painters, Lynnfield, MA residents can contact us at (978) 664-0897.

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